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2013년도 제 1차 WCU Seminar 공지 - 2013년 4월 10일
1.제목 : Science of Metal Nanoclusters Supported on Oxides with

            Surface-functional Hydroxyl Groups

2.연사 : Professor Byung Deok Yu(Department of Physics, University of Seoul)
3.일시 : 2013 4 10 () 오후 4 – 6

4.장소 : 301  1512-2

5.내용 : 

  The scientific interest in CO oxidation of metal nanoclusters on oxides is motivated by its technological importance. It was reported that the size of the metal nanoclusters substantially affects catalytic activity. For instance, Au clusters less than 5 nm in diameter are needed for high catalytic performance in CO oxidation. At temperatures employed to activate oxide-supported Au catalysts, however, sintering of Au nanoclusters occurs, which leads to the loss of catalytic activity. Therefore, finding a key factor in stabilizing small Au nanoclusters is fundamental to our development of heterogeneous chemical reactions on supported Au nanocatalysts.

  Recent experiments showed that surface modification of MgO(001) by hydroxylation plays an important role in limiting sintering of Au clusters in a temperature range relevant for CO oxidation. Despite these studies, a detailed understanding of roles of hydroxyl groups in the nucleation and catalysis of Au clusters on MgO(001) has remained unclear. In this talk, I will present our results of density-functional theory (DFT) calculations on the effects of hydroxyl groups on the physical properties of metal nanoclusters on MgO(001).



•Ph.D. 서울대학교 대학원 물리학과, 1992

•M.S.  서울대학교 대학원 물리학과, 1988

•B.S.   서울대학교 물리학과, 1986


일본 NEC 기초연구소, 1992-1994
독일 Fritz-Haber 연구소, 1994-1997
일본 NEC 기초연구소, 1997-1999
서울시립대학교, 1999-현재


7. 문의:  기계항공공학부 조경재 교수 (880-1709)



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