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2013년도 제 3차 WCU Seminar 공지 - 2013년 5월 23일

WCU seminar 2013

1.제목 : Animating lipids by water
2.연사 : Professor Atul N. Parikh(Department of Biomedical gineering,Univ. California, Davis)
3.일시 : 2013 5 23() 오후 4

4.장소 : 301 1409-1

5.내용 : 

  Response of amphiphilic lipids to activity of water is studied using two classes of organized mesophases of phospholipid bilayers: stacked lipid multilayers and giant unilamellar vesicles.  In each case, molecular and mesoscale organizations of membrane lipids are directly influenced.  In membrane stacks, the three-dimensional stacking motif also organizes the chemical diversity of the lipid milieu; two-dimensional phase separation of lipids within each lamellae spontaneously couples across stacked lamellae producing columns of chemically distinct, lipid domains.  In giant vesicles, osmotic transport of water out of hypotonic vesicular compartments produces unusual pearling and self-reproduction. Osmotic swelling of hypertonic vesicles, on the other hand, produces a remarkable pulsatory dynamics of membrane domains.  Comparing these processes as elemental events in the complex working of a living cell, these findings support the idea that water is not a mere solvent for life – a blank canvas on which biomolecules become animated – but an important medium that guides biomolecular dynamics in complex, subtle and essential ways.

6. 약력:

Professional Preparation

University of Bombay (UDCT) Chemical Eng. B.Chem. Eng. 1987

Penn State University Materials Science Ph.D. 1994

Los Alamos National Laboratory Bioscience Division Post-Doctoral 1996-1999


2011- Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Univ. California, Davis

2011- Professor, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, UC Davis

2007- 2011 Professor, Applied Science Dept, UC Davis

2001 – 2007 Associate Professor, UC Davis, Applied Science Department

1999 – 2001 Technical Staff Member, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Bioscience


7. 문의:  기계항공공학부 전누리 교수 (880-7111)



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